Deluxe Crystal Vodka

Unique vodka based on the purest glacial water. One of a kind, naturally perfect.

Deluxe Crystal Vodka is a luxurious brand demonstrated by its unique production process and the quality of its ingredients. It is distilled 10 times and filtered 5 times using a special combination of gold and rare crystals. The variety of selected wheat and rye cereals creates a soft and delicate taste to emphasize the elite character of the vodka.

It’s a Revolutionary Vodka for connoisseurs with exquisite taste and a desire for luxury.

You become a unique consumer aware that the highest quality means a determination to pursue perfection.

The brand has been a tradition since 1746. It is an original and patented recipe combined with a modern production cycle.
Deluxe Crystal Vodka is quality without compromise. After many years of research and investment in technology, a visionary approach to the multi-stage production process was mastered, creating vodka of unprecedented quality.
With an original patented recipe combined with a modern production style, only the best wheat and rye was selected to create a soft, delicate taste. This elite vodka is distilled 10 times followed by fivefold filtration. First, using silver and dust-free activated carbon derived from coconut shells, then filtrated with an alliance of quartz crystals and amber granules. The final – and most important – step is filling the filtering columns with real 24-carat gold and diamond particles. With the last two filtration processes repeated twice, our goal of flawless purity of the vodka is achieved.
Each bottle of Deluxe Crystal Vodka is limited. –
The bottle is made of thicker glass to keep the vodka temperature constant, and by using glacial water and carefully selected grain, Deluxe Crystal Vodka is practically odorless.
Luxurious brand demonstrated by its unique production process and quality of ingredients allowing it to compete amongst the best vodkas in the world successfully.
One of a kind, naturally perfect. Taste the luxury.